Today I had one of my favorite families the Kuenstler’s. I haven’t posted any blogs in a long time but couldn’t resist today. Micaela got off to the hot start and never slowed down. Everyone was boxing fish well almost everyone. Poor Logan was getting schooled. Everyone outfished him today and he was trying everything. He even came to the back of the boat next to Micaela and casting in her spot but she just kept catching while he watched. Being the loving sister that she is she even offered to let him reel one in. And yes I was wearing his ass out. Micaela definitely gets top honors today. She rocked it. Micaela, Myah and Mrs “G”  definitely put it on the guys today. Doug did redeem himself though starting shark week off early with a nice black tip. Awesome day with one of my fav families. Logan you may try Walmart I’m not sure but you might can get a new man card there!! Lol sorry bro couldn’t resist.