Monthly Archives: August 2014


Today I had another repeat client Jay Gabel and his son Jackson. We headed back to the upper laguna again today. The tide was really ripping hard today so it made it a little harder to fish but we managed to stay on them. A lot of undersized in here again today but some nice […]


Today I had another good repeat client Jim Schwenk, his son Paul, and daughters Kacey and Sarah Medrano. We headed back to Corpus again today. We got off to a good start again today. Well at least Kacey and Sarah did. It did not take long and these ladies were on fire. They were catching […]


Today I had another repeat client Glenn Renauld and Ericka. We headed back to the upper laguna again today. Our first anchor was a good one today. We got off to a good start, well at least Ericka did. She was boxing fish right and left while Glenn just killed bait. We got 16 on […]


Well the last two days were our Cast for the Cure tournament for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. As you guys no my team usually dominates this event. I normally fish Art and Cory Troscher. Art could not make it this time so it was Cory and his friend Chris. Unfortunately we did not dominate as […]


Today I had another repeat client Dan Walker from the Chapparral Wildlife Management Area. Today he brought Elizabeth Grubbs and Robert Gallagher with him. The winds were down so I headed to the surf today. We made one quick stop short but no bites so I headed all the way down to Cedar Bayou. Unfortunately […]


Today I had another great client Terry Bonnell, his son Brian and his friend Brandon. We fished out of Cove Harbor today. We got off to a pretty good start today. We had the early bite and boxed around 8 or so quality trout and we missed a few in here. And as expected the […]


Today I was fishing Greg Young. We headed back to the Laguna again today. Once again not much tide movement but we were scratching them out. It was not fast and furious but steady action. Its a good thing we caught them early because after about 9 o’clock it was over. We hit alot of […]


Today I was fishing a group of high school buddies of one of my good clients Hugh Turner.


Today I had the Mike Connell family. We headed back to the laguna again today. What a difference a few days and a change of conditions make. No tide movement today and we just did not get many bites. We made alot of moves and just could not get much going. We fished really hard […]


Today I had a new client Barbara McKay and her sister Penny. We headed back to the Laguna today and what a day it was. We really got them going on our first anchor and it was on. These ladies were getting bit every cast. We missed some early but once the ladies got the […]