Today I was fishing for redfish lodge and I had the pleasure of fishing with Brendan Bechtel and Mike Brittan. I have fished these two before so I was glad to see them again. The winds were down today so I headed back to San Antonio bay.  We got off to a steady start. It was not fast and furious but steady. We were catching some undersized trout but some solid keepers mixed in. And yes we were missing a few as well. And yes I was letting them know that they were “killing me”.  Then we landed a couple drum. Unfortunately the winds died down and so did our bite. We made a couple moves picking up a couple more small drum. The winds finally started blowing again and from the perfect direction so I headed back to where we started and it was on. We immediately started boxing some studs. Brendan hooked up with a stud that ended up being a nice over sized 31 in fish that we released.  Both Mike and Brendan got it going and finished out their limit. Brendan added a nice 20 in trout as well that ended up winning the largest trout pot for the group and yours truly got a portion of the pot, hell yea. We ended the day with our limit of drum plus 11 solid trout. We definitely had the best over all box of all the boats today. Another good day of catching with great guys. Todays photo is of Brendan battling the huge over sized drum, Brendan and the nice drum, and Mike battling a nice drum as well.