Monthly Archives: May 2014


Okay folks dates are booking fast so dont miss out. I have only 4 days left in June and July and August are booking fast as well. And of course our fall fishing is always great and is booking fast also. So dont wait till the last minute just to find out there are no […]


Today I had another good repeat client Randy Schulte. Once again he brought Jim Beaird and Denny Hartley with him. The winds were cranking once again but my best bite has been in San Antonio bay so we headed straight there. The water was definitely dirty up here but the bite was still good. It […]


Today was babes on the bay tournament day. My group did not want to face the brutal conditions and I dont blame them. I had another group wanting to go so we gave it a try. After a few hours we called it a day. This is what we were facing today.


Today I had my neighbor Lynn Pearce and his friend Rick  Berry. The winds were still cranking and to make it worse it was out of the west. I still headed to San Antonio bay despite the conditions. Our first few stops produced a few undersized fish and a few misses. It took awhile for […]


Today I was fishing for redfish lodge and I had the pleasure of fishing with Brendan Bechtel and Mike Brittan. I have fished these two before so I was glad to see them again. The winds were down today so I headed back to San Antonio bay.  We got off to a steady start. It […]


Today I was fishing as part of a 4 boat group for another guide. Wow, were the winds cranking today and out of the north. It was brutal. We got off to a slow start but finally got it going. We ended up with limits of drum and a couple nice reds. Another great day […]


Today I had another new client Melanie Rathbun, her husband Mike and their son Hunter. Of course the winds were cranking once again and even stronger. I bet we had winds gusting in the 40’s today. Now thats crazy for May. This was the families first time to fish so I was excited to put […]


Today was day two with Jerry, David and Allen. Today Clayton Stillwell joined us as well. Today the water was alot cleaner up here due to the higher tide. We got off to a good trout bite early. Jerry and Allen were on a roll. Still some undersized in here but some really nice keepers […]


Today I had a group of new clients Jerry Ball, David VanGorder and Allen Stillwell. Well once again the winds were cranking. We headed back to San Antonio bay again. It did not take long and we were getting bites. Unfortunately there were alot of undersized fish, a few keepers and a ton of gafftop. […]


Today I was fishing for Redfish Lodge again. Today we were wading with lures for redfish. The winds were still cranking. As we eased into our first stop it was looking amazing. Tons of bait in here and we could see the reds blowing up on the bait. We were throwing topwaters and immediately were […]