Today I was fishing for Redfish Lodge and had the pleasure of fishing with Bill Brown from Kinder Morgan and Louis Franek with WHC. Strong winds again today so we headed back to the flats. Our first couple anchors produced no bites. As we eased into our nexBit stop I saw some menhaden explode so I knew the reds were here. We missed our first couple bites but the guys finally got it going and we were boxing fish.  Bill got us on the board first then added another solid 25 1/2 fish. Finally Louis got in the game as well. We needed one more fish to limit out and Louis had a good bite but missed, and oh yes Bill and I were wearing him out over it. The group had a pot for largest red and largest trout so we left the reds to look for a trout. It didn’t take long and Bill added a keeper trout but that was it before we ran out of time. Another good day on the water with great guys. Bill ended up winning the pot for biggest red, but Michelle edged us out on the trout. Todays photo is of Bill with his winning red. Great job Bill !!

bill b