Today I had a new client Cindy Hayes and Deborah Rogers. We knew we were going  to have strong winds again today so our plan was to look for redfish in the flats. We got off to a slow start to say the least. We made quite few anchors with no bites at all. I decided to change plans and start drifting. We covered a lot of water with no bites once again. Finally around noon we got our first bite and Deborah landed a nice 26 1/2 in red, finally we were on the board. Then Cindy hooked up and we were on our way. It was not fast and furious but we were scratching them out. We finally called it a day with 5 nice fish in the box. Today was one of those days where we definitely had to grind on them. These ladies can really fish and I appreciate the fact that they were willing to stay and grind it out. Hope to see them again under some better conditions. When we got back to the dock Cindy asked me if there was anything they need to work on. I immediately told her yes, DONT give your guide so much grief !! lol    I definitely had a great time with these ladies. Todays photo is of Deborah and Cindy with a couple of their nice reds.