Monthly Archives: March 2014


Today I had the Jason Sweeney group. We had a good bite in Copano yesterday so we returned their today. It did not take long and we were getting bites. We finally started catching some fish but most of them were all a half inch short. It seems like they were all cut from the […]


Sad day today. I took the day off to head to Houston to attend the funeral of Eddie Lyons. Eddie is the son of my best client and dear friend Tommy Lyons. Eddie left us way to soon at the early age of 33. My heart goes out to the entire Lyons family. If you […]


Well today I got John Mooz and his sons Charley and Patrick back on the water. Back to north winds again today. Gosh I would love to have the same conditions a few days in a row. Since we caught some solid fish drifting yesterday that was my main focus today. We drifted most of the day […]


Today I had Danny “Doc” Brown and Kevin Schwantz. Kevin is a 25 time Grand Prix winner and World Champion Grand Prix winner. Kevin was the top guy in his sport for a long time and has a huge following so it was great having him on board. The weather is just killing me. Yesterday […]


Today I had a new client John Mooz and his sons Charley and Patrick. We had a hard front blow in and we gave it a shot but it was just miserable so we came in. I had Wednesday open so we are going to give it another try then.


Today I had an old friend Dave Matthews and his son Travis. Dave and I go way back when I used to work at Missouri City FD. Our tides dropped real low today which should result in a great catching day. We got an early start but like it has been the last week or […]


Another hard front so we cancelled today due to weather. The weather is killing me here.            


Today I had my good friend and client Terry Bonnell and his son Brian. Once again they brought Nick with them. We had another front come through and dropped our tides some but not as much as I would have liked. The tides were just low enough to limit us where we could go, too […]

Today was day two with Gary and Robin. Since we caught drum yesterday we decided to head to the flats today and look for some reds today. It did not take long and Robin bagged a nice red and then we missed a couple. I thought we had a good bite going but it ended […]


Today I had another good repeat client Gary Cleaver, Robin Passmore and his wife Linda. We headed back up north today. Another tough start. The cold fronts are killing me. We literally did not have a bite till almost 2. Then we got a good bite going and finally were boxing some fish. Linda got […]