Monthly Archives: November 2013


Today I had another good repeat client Chris Callan. Once again we had the usual group with Paul, Mark, and Kevin . We headed back to San Antonio bay again today. We knew we had a brutal front coming but it was not supposed to hit till noon. We immediately were smoking some fish. Chris got […]


Today I had Jimmy Board and Michael Melody. We headed straight to San Antonio Bay again today. These guys were going duck hunting in the afternoon so I knew we had a short day. We immediately started smoking them. These guys were on fire in here. Unfortunately not many keepers in here but boy the […]


Today I had another good repeat client Mark Maxwell. Once again he brought Angel, Richard and Bull the newcomer with him. We headed straight to San Antonio bay once again. We immediately had a good bite going. Lots of undersized in here but some nice keepers mixed in and yes a lot of misses. Once our […]


Today I was fishing for Redfish Lodge and had my good friend John Cadena. Once again he brought his sons Weston and Jess. They had a slow day yesterday and due to the conditions we knew it would be slow again today. We were catching some undersized fish but no keepers. Finally Jess got us […]


Today I had another repeat client Angel Castillo, John Charles, Carlos Wolf and Gavino Macias. We were greeted with strong north winds today. Usually I like north winds but this was a bit much. It was howling to say the least. We mad a long bumpy run to one of my favorite north wind shorelines. […]


Today I had a new client Bruce Clark and his son Ryan. We headed back to San Antonio Bay again. We immediately were getting some bites on some solid fish. Ryan got on the board first landing a couple nice trout. It was Bruce and Ryan’s first time to trout and redfish so we were […]


Today I had another good repeat client Charlie Pasket. As usual Hadley joined in and today we a newcomer Randy. Usually Gerald is with Charlie and Hadley but last time Gerald had a tough couple days and we wore him out so I think he has gone in hiding on me. But he was definitely […]