Monthly Archives: September 2013


Today I was fishing for Redfish Lodge. We had a crazy west wind and that is usually the kiss of death. We headed back to the same reef where I have been catching them but with the west wind it just wasn’t happening. We were catching a lot of undersized fish but no keepers. We […]


Today was day two with the Lauer’s. The winds were still cranking so I changed my game plan early. We started off on some shell where the water was a little more protected. Not near as rough but no fish in here. I decided to head back to where we were yesterday. After the slow […]


Today was day one with another good repeat client Tim and Linda Lauer. Once again they brought their daughter Pam and her husband Tim with them. We headed back to where we caught them yesterday. Unfortunately we had a big weather change and the winds were cranking. It definitely changed our catching patterns. Im convinced […]


I had my great clients Tommy and Freda Lyons again. I wanted to look at some new territory today so I decided to go look around the shell in San Antonio bay. We made a short stop prior to getting there with no luck. Our first stop in San Antonio bay was a good one. […]


Today I was fishing for redfish lodge and had the pleasure of fishing with Thom, Greg and Mike. We headed straight to where we slayed them yesterday but the were not there. We landed one nice keeper but that was it so we moved on. We went about a mile down the shoreline and got […]


Today I had my best client once again Tommy and Freda Lyons. We still had the north wind blowing so I was anxious to get back on the water. We headed straight to where we caught them yesterday and what a morning we had. It took about 15 minutes to get the first bite but […]


Today I had another good repeat client Travis Pasket. Today he brought his in-laws Walter Kimich, David Kimich and Walter Jr. We finally had some great fishing weather today. Good north wind and CLEAR SKIES for a change. Our first stop was identical to yesterday. It did not take long and David was hooked up […]


Today I had another good repeat client Brian and Trey Rogers. Today they brought Robb Evans and Mason Binder with them. They were fishing in a tournament for K-B homes so the pressure was on. We were scheduled for heavy rains for the first part of the day so we were prepared to get wet. […]


Today I had another repeat client Kay Stein and her grandson Hunter. Once again we had less than desirable weather conditions and we knew it would be tough. Kay got us on the board first with a nice red. I thought we were going to scratch out some with the quick start but I was […]


Today I had another repeat client Joe Harris. Today he brought his 7 year old son Jake. The weather was not real favorable again today but at least we were able to get out on the water. Jake got on the board first with a red that turned out to be his biggest red so far. […]