Monthly Archives: August 2013


Today I had a new client Ron Ramirez, Joseph Garza, John Garcia, Jesse Garcia and his 7 year old son Jesse IV. We got off to a little bit of a slow start today. The bite was a little picky for most of the day so we were missing a few at first. Once the […]


Okay folk s I have about 7 days  left in September and October is booking fast as well. I think I have about 9 days left in October as well. As most of you know these are excellent redfish months and with the recent rains I think its going to be a great fall. So […]


Today I had Charlie Pasket, Gerald and Hadley again today. I had them a couple days ago and we smoked them so I knew it would be hard to repeat. We had a north wind early and it was suppose to increase as the morning went on so I knew our window would be narrow. Of […]


Today I had another good repeat client Wayne Radwanski and Julius. We headed back to the upper laguna today. I headed straight to the area where Ive been catching them. We had a very light north wind today. As we eased in there the bait was alive in here again today. It was just like […]


Today I had another good repeat client Charlie Pasket. Today he brought Hadley and Gerald with him. I know when these three show up its gonna be a lot of grief given out. We got an early start and to my disbelief these guys actually showed up with only 4 beers between. Yes, that’s right […]


Today I had my great client Freda Lyons. Today she brought Kathy Shepard, Kelsee Carlile and Jaysie Myers. Our first stop we immediately started getting bites. Unfortunately we were missing most of them. Freda got on a roll and started boxing a few fish then Kelsee added one as well. Then Kathy added a couple. […]


Today I had a new client Richy Mitchell and Scott Culver. We headed back to the laguna today. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday the fish were eating good and today they were picky to say the least. We were definitely on some fish but just had a hard time getting them to eat. […]


Today I had another good repeat client Charlie Pasket, his son Russell and Willis. We headed back to the laguna where we smoked them in the tournament. It did not take long and we were catching fish. It was not fast and furious but steady. Everyone was boxing fish, well everyone but Russell. And yes […]


Well the last two days was our 12th annual Cystic Fibrosis Cast for the Cure Tournament. I have been involved with this event from its inception and we have netted over 2 million dollars to help find a cure for CF. Once again this year I had my friend and client Art Troscher and his […]


Today I had a new client Justin Moseley and his wife Terry. Once again we got an early start and it did not take long and we had them going. Both Justin and Terry were boxing fish right and left. The fish were biting a lot better than yesterday and though we missed a few […]