Monthly Archives: May 2013


Well today was day two with Mitch, Bill, Bob and David. We got an early start but as we got to the area where we caught them yesterday two other guide boats that watched us slay them yesterday were exactly in our spot. How sorry is that? As bad as I wanted to do donuts […]


Today I had some more good repeat clients. I had Mitch Kolevonsky and his gang from Seguin, Bob, Bill and David. I always have a great time with this group and today was no exception. The winds are still cranking so I headed straight to my redfish spot. We left early and there was already […]


Today I had another good repeat client Chris Callan. Today he brought Jeff Whelan and Jim “the yooper” Luce with him. Extremely high winds once again today. The winds just wont give us a break. Luckily the redfish are still cooperating for me. Our first stop was a good one. We immediately were getting bit. […]


Today I had my best client Tommy and Freda Lyons. Today they brought Shawn and Debra Barker with them. Shawn just finished 20 years in the navy so it was an honor to have him on my boat on memorial day. Special thanks to him and all our service men who dedicate so much for […]


Today I had two of my good repeat clients Ben and Michelle Davis. These great folks have been fishing with me for awhile and I always look forward to being on the water with them. The winds were still cranking today so with the poor trout results yesterday I decided to concentrate on those reds […]


Today I had another good repeat client Scott Hicks, Mike Penalver and newcomer Doug Gorecki. Well I should have known the calmer winds would not last. With the trout action being so good the last few days we just had to give it a shot. Unfortunately everything was rough and dirty. Despite our hard efforts […]


I was fishing for Redfish Lodge and had Brandon and Mike. Today was one of those days where just when you thought we were going to smoke em our bite would die. We worked hard and got up to 14 or so when we finally really snapped them off. We were hooking up the seconds […]


Today I was fishing for Redfish Lodge and I had the pleasure of fishing with Dan McCairns and David Lowe. The winds finally laid down today so I was able to look at some new water. We immediately hooked up with some really nice trout. We put six studs in the box really quick. Then […]


Today I had a new client Joe Harris. With just one person today it allowed us to do a little scouting as well. The winds are still cranking and Joe was skeptical but I assured him it would be okay. It was not fast and furious today but steady with some really nice trout action. […]


Today I had my best client Tommy and Freda Lyons again. The winds are still cranking folks. It just does not want to give us a break. The reds Ive been catching havent been biting good till about 10 so my plan was to trout fish a couple hours then head for some redfish action. […]