Monthly Archives: April 2013


I was fishing for Redfish Lodge again today. I was back at redfishing today. Our first stop once again looked amazing. Tons of bait but unfortunately no wind so that usually means few bites. The bite was slow to say the least but we managed a couple nice keepers and missed a couple. I then […]


Today I was fishing for Redfish Lodge. My group wanted to wade with lures. We were greeted with high winds so we did not have the best of conditions. Our first wade looked great. Perfect water color and tons of bait but no bites. We then moved on and we caught a couple nice keepers […]


Today I had another good repeat client Susan Richardson. Today she brought her nephew Trey. I headed straight to where I caught them yesteday with Freda. It did not take long and Susan was hooked up. Trey missed a couple then Susan was on again. Finally Trey got it going and he was boxing fish […]


Today I had my great client Freda Lyons. Poor Tommy had to work today so she was fishing by herself. Since it was just her I headed out to do a little scouting for some trout. Well that plan did not go well. We made several stops in several areas with no luck. So I […]


Toduay I had a new client Bernie Baker. Today he brought Bree Osorio, Danilo Osorio and his grandson Austin Schrader. As we eased into our first stop I was confident we would smoke them. Tons of bait in here but no bites. The winds totally died and the water was like a mirror. Not good […]


Today I was fishing for Redfish Lodge and I had the pleasure of fishing with Joshua Clark and Rob “the narc” Cravaritis. We were greeted with extremely strong north winds and cold damp conditions. In fact many of the people in this group decided not to go out. As uncomfortable the conditions were, you guys […]


Today I had another good repeat client Jarred and Jessica Sinn. Today they brough John Tenery with them. John has never caught a redfish so I was anxious to put him on some fish. After a couple misses and a break off on the motor John finally got us on the board with a nice […]


Today I had a new client Curt Bateman and Will Sass. They were a referral from one of my repeat clients so the pressure was on me.  As I eased into our first stop it was loaded with bait so I knew it should be good. It did not take long and Curt had a solid bite but […]


Today I had Danny Gutierrez, his dad Danny Sr. and his brother James. I really dont know where to start with this report. Lucky for them I dont have days to write it. We got an early start and just as I was easing into our first stop I got a call from Ron at […]


Today I had another repeat client Wayne Kuenstler, Bill and Bob Nance and Bill.  Normally Robert fishes with this group but he could not make it so they slipped Bill in on me. Bill is a yankee from Missouri so you know I was wearing him out on that all day. He did catch his first redfish so […]