Monthly Archives: March 2013


Today I had a new client Evea Graham. She brought Caroline and Lauren Haass and Dave Goss and Jarrett Meuth with her. Due to the remaining low tides and slow bite every where else I headed to San Antonio bay today. Our first couple stops produced nothing. Our next move produced a pretty good trout […]


Today I was fishing as part of a 5 boat group. I fished this group last year and once again I had David Gardner and Khris Glaubitz. Somehow once again I drew the short straw. The winds were cranking today and the water was in horrible shape so we knew it would be tough. Our […]


Today I was fishing for Redfish Lodge and I had the pleasure of fishing with Rick Davis and Bill Lockett. We were wading with lures today so I was anxious to get in the water. With the conditions I headed to St. Charles today. When I eased up to our first stop it looked as […]


Today I had another good repeat client the Tricia Dilling. Once again she brought Collin, Marshall and Ryan. We headed to look for that school of drum we have been on. We could not locate the first school so we moved on. There were several guide boats looking for the schools but we just could […]


Today I had a new client Marvin Kegerreis. They were down for spring break and he had Cade Kegerreis, Chelsea Kenninger and Dylan Kenniger. Chelsea was not scheduled to fish but the other one got sick so she seized the opportunity to jump in and what a great decision it was. The winds were cranking […]


Today I had my good friend Tommy Lyons, his wife Freda, his brother Charles and Kathy. Kathy got us going first with a nice 27 1/2 in red. Then Freda hooked up and the ladies were getting it done. Finally Tommy got in the game and so did Charles. We lost a couple then called […]


The last two days I had a new client Louis Ray and his wife Chris. They are from Italy and came all the way to Rockport to fish with me. They are both big time bass fishermen so you know I had my work cut out for me with those early hook sets. Day one […]


Today I had a new client Mark Hutchinson and his two sons Miles and Wyatt. This was Miles very first time to fish and Wyatt’s first time to redfish. Miles got us going on the first stop. It did not take long and he had a really nice fish on. It was awesome to see […]


Today I had the Martin group. We had some weather roll in so we waited to let it pass before heading out. Our tides bulled up overnight and the winds shifted to the north. What a difference that made. It did not take long and we were on the board boxing fish. Within a couple […]


Today I had another good repeat client Steve McCarthy and his son Matt. Our conditions were pretty much identical to yesterdays so I was concerned. It was another tough day. Matt finally got us on the board with a real nice 27 1/2 in red. The bites were few and far between. Steve finally added […]