Monthly Archives: August 2012


Today I had a new client David Mortellaro. David was actually part of the four boat group  I had on Saturday but was not on my boat. He also had his wife Sherri, his son Davin and Tyler and Josh Payne with him. Yes we had a boat full. We started out trout fishing on […]


Today I had another good repeat client Terry Bonnell, his son Brian, and Nick Contreras. We headed back to the upper laguna again today. We were greeted with a light west wind today and that always means trouble. Our first stop produced one keeper for each of the guys. Our next stop produced a few […]


Today I had a new client Will Smalling and Lance Burkett. These guys wanted to focus on trout so we headed back to the upper laguna today. Our first anchor was a good one. We had a few misses at first but then they both got it going and were boxing fish. It was not […]


Today I had another repeat client and friend Chris Kappmeyer. Today he brought Matt Merritt, Dr. Matt Meigs and Bobby Beckman. We had a four boat group today. I headed to the patch of shell that I like but there was a boat that was on it already. So we switched to plan b and […]


Today I had another repeat client Steven Schultz. Today he brought newcomers Miles Wilson and Bobbi (with an I) Shaw. The guys were late showing up because of Bobbi so you know I was going to ride him all day long. And yes, I was the one that came up with the Bobbi (with an […]


Well today was day two with the Knepp group. Since we trout fished yesterday they wanted to try to catch a few reds today. We did make a couple stops for trout early. I went to a patch of shell and we were getting bit immediately. Everyone was boxing some really nice fish. Unfortunately out […]


Today I had another repeat client Jeff Knepp, his son Andrew (spam) Knepp, Daniel Lehotsky and David Borges. We headed to the laguna again today. Andrew got us going first and had the hot hand. Then Daniel boxed a couple and well Jeff and David were just spectators. Well our bite slowed so we moved […]