Today was day two with Randy Schulte and his family. Today he brought his daughter Kimberly, her husband and their 6 year old son Brock. With the awesome bite we had in the surf yesterday I was hoping to get back out there today. The winds picked up considerably and I knew it would be iffy but we had to go take a peek. Unfortunately we made the run out there but it was just too dangerous to make an anchor. I then made the long run to the upper laguna. We finally got there and started boxing some fish when the weather turned bad and we ran for shelter just in time. The bottom fell out and we had a good hour or so rain delay. We finally got back out and were boxing fish. It was not fast but fairly steady. We finally called it a day and headed back. We ended the day with 19 solid trout. Far cry from yesterday, but still not bad considering the conditions and the lost time for the long run and rain delays. And yes we missed some as well. Another great day with great clients. Everyone did a good job today and young Brock was reeling them in right and left.