Today I had another good repeat client Hugh and Pat Turner. With the early bite we had yesterday I had them arrive early so we could get there in the dark. It did not take long and we were boxing fish. Well at least Pat was. We picked up around 12 or so just like yesterday and then our bite died. We made a slight move of about 20 yards and we instantly had them tuned up again. Hugh got on a roll but Pat was not going to be outdone. We finished up and had our limit at 7:08. Ill take that any day. We then headed to where my reds where. Yesterday they were not eating good in here but today they were starving. It did not take long and once again we were hooked up. Pat got on the board first with two nice oversized fish. Then Hugh boxed a nice keeper. We then were boxing keepers that were mixed in with the oversized. By 9:00 we had 5 really huge fish and released 6 more oversized and called it a morning. What an amazing day of fishing. It just cant get much better. Pat definitely gets top honors today. She really put it on Hugh today. In fact at one point she asked Hugh to hold her rod and I told him he looked like a new accessory on my boat. Another great day with two of my good clients that I always enjoy fishing with. Ill see them again in September and October.