Monthly Archives: June 2012


Today I had another repeat client Alex Labowski, Ken Grammer and Ernest Gomez. We headed back to the upper laguna today. When we arrived at the ramp we were greeted with ferocious lightning and heavy rains. This went on for hours. The guys did not want to give up so we waited it out. We […]


Today was day two with Randy Schulte and his family. Today he brought his daughter Kimberly, her husband and their 6 year old son Brock. With the awesome bite we had in the surf yesterday I was hoping to get back out there today. The winds picked up considerably and I knew it would be […]


Today I had another good repeat client Randy Schulte. Today he brought his son in law Jason and his grandkids 12 year old Colsen and 7 year old Conner. The winds were up today but I headed back to the surf. I knew it would not be as calm as yesterday but was hoping we […]


Today I had Eddie Lyons again and his friend Mikey Johnson. I headed to the surf today. It was my first trip out there for the year so I was excited to finally get out there and she did not let me down. Our first stop produced one shark bite and a couple skip jacks. […]


Today I had a new client Byron “the gatherer” Doss, his wife Helen and John Holmes. Yes thats right John Holmes !! Ok you pervs it wasn’t “THE” John Holmes but trust me I had a lot of one liners for him. Helen got us going first with a really solid fish and didn’t look […]

06-25-12 Supplemental

Okay, I like giving my clients a little grief when they mess up or do something stupid. Well, today was MY day so I have to be fair and call myself out. While baiting Peter’s line I made the mistake of setting my rod on the deck of the boat. And of course a nice […]


Today I had another great repeat client Terry Bonnell, his son Brian and Brian’s friend Peter. This was basically Peter’s first time to fish so I was anxious to put him on some fish. We were greeted with a west wind today which you guys know I hate so I knew we would probably have […]


Today I had another good repeat client Jim Mayfield and Raquel Voigt. Today Buzz and Marilyn joined them. I headed straight to where we smoked them yesterday. We got off to a pretty good start in here today. It was not as fast and yesterday but still quite a few bites. Unfortunately we were missing […]


Today I had another good repeat client Hugh and Pat Turner. With the early bite we had yesterday I had them arrive early so we could get there in the dark. It did not take long and we were boxing fish. Well at least Pat was. We picked up around 12 or so just like […]


Today I had another good repeat client Mike Connell, his wife Susan, his daughter Paige and niece Caroline. We got off to a fast start this morning. Caroline got us going first and was on fire.  Everyone was boxing fish right and left. Well at least the girls were. We boxed 12 or so in […]