Monthly Archives: April 2012


My client for today had a mix-up on his fishing date. Good thing I still had the texts confirming I was right (as always).  Paid day off , got to love it.


Today was day three with Dax, Mark and Joey. We were hoping to do some trout fishing today but once again the winds were still blowing so it was back to the redfish. On day one Mark had the hot hand, day two Dax got it going so on cue day three Joey was on […]


Today was day two with Dax, Mark and Joey. I headed straight to where we had the early bite yesterday. It did not take long and Dax got us on the board with a nice trout. Then he added a really nice 25 in trout as well. Then almost immediately he added two nice reds. […]


Today was day one of three days with some great repeat clients Joey Berger, Mark Hooper and Dax Seale. The winds were cranking today. We had sustained winds in the high 20’s to 30’s and gusts in the 40’s. Hooper got us off to a quick start. Then Joey got in the game as well. […]


Today I had trip from hell. I was fishing for another guide and two of my four guys were drunk when they met me in the morning. Against my better judgment I was persuaded to take them out. Our first stop produced a couple fish. Then one of the guys fell out of the boat […]


Today I had my great client Tommy Lyons and his wife Freida. I was anxious for Freida to see the new boat. Freida prefers trout fishing but with the conditions we had we were restricted to redfish again today. Due to the heavy winds and the shell I am fishing we had a hard time […]


Today I had another repeat client Randy McFadden. Today he brought Steve Young, Larry Hosek, and Bill Horne with him. And yes I headed back to the area I’ve been in the last few days. We left a little earlier today since the bite has been shutting down so fast in an effort to get […]


Today was day two with the Passmore group. I headed straight back to where we caught them yesterday and it did not let me down. We immediately had a double on and we did not look back. But just like yesterday around 9:30 or so the bite slowed and it took awhile to get the […]


Today I had another repeat client Robin Passmore and his wife Linda. This time they brought Linda’s brother Gerald Busterholt with them. Robin and Linda were former Canadians and Gerald still lives in Canada so you know I was giving them a hard time about that (eh). We got off to a smoking start today […]


Well today I had another repeat client Jim Mayfield,  Raquel Vogt and Justin and LeeAnne Marshall. Well I did not think it was possible but the winds were stronger than yesterday. We had sustained winds in the 30’s with gusts in the 40’s. The fishing has been so good I wanted to give it a […]