Monthly Archives: March 2012


Well the last four days I have fished for Redfish Lodge. The fishing has been great to say the least. We had limits or near limits on all days.


Today I had a new group of clients Dennis Petrash, Marvin Jones, Kris Glaubitz, and David  “aka Jay ” Gardner. Wow- I really dont know where to start this report. Our first stop produced only two bites and we missed both of them. Our next stop we started boxing fish. Dennis got us started and […]


Today I had another repeat client Jim Mayfield. Its been awhile since Jim has fished with me so it was nice to have him on the boat again. Today he brought Raquel Vogt with him. We got off to a late start today so I was giving them grief about that right from the start. […]


Today I was fishing for Redfish Lodge. It was their annual opening day so they always have an opening day lure only fishing tournament where the proceeds go to a local charity. I had the opportunity to fish with my old pal John Cadena and Dan. We were drifting today with lures and competing with […]


Today I had another great repeat client Ben Davis and his lovely wife Michelle. I always enjoy fishing with these two and both are very good fishermen. In fact you may recall Michelle’s pic from last year where she had the nasty stingray hit while wadefishing.  The wind was cranking and they were a little […]


Today I had another new client Noel Reese from Gonzales. He brought his wife Kerry and his sons Carson and Clayton with him. I headed to where we had the good  bite yesterday and the fish were still there. Within minutes Kerry had a really good bite but missed it. Carson got us going with […]


Today I had another new client Caroline White. Today she brought Marilyn Bird, Sharon Wright and Zack Dyer with her. Marilyn brought some bananas on the boat so when I was telling her that they are bad luck on the boat she said no problem, ” We all ate lucky charms for breakfast” !!  How […]


Today I had another repeat client James and Paul Schwenk. Today they brought Walter Zoch and Francis Buckley with them. Today I headed to the flats with the higher tides. It did not take long and Walter was hooked up with a nice red. Then Paul had a really good fish on but it broke […]


Today I had another new client Gary and Alan Holcombe. I headed straight to where we started yesterday. Today we had a good south wind blowing so I think that is going to make the difference compared to yesterday. We got off to a quick start in here. We were getting bit pretty regularly. We […]


Today I had another new client the Moss family. Today Mr. Moss brought his sons Jacob, Jack, John and Jordan with him. We were greeted with heavy fog this morning. We made a short stop that produced nothing and once the fog lifted a little we moved on. Our next stop produced a lot of […]