Monthly Archives: February 2012

02-27-12 GREAT NEWS

I just had to share some awesome news. As most of you know I have helped put on a charity tournament here for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to find a cure. We have netted almost 2 million dollars with our tournament in hopes of finding a cure. A new drug was just was approved by […]


Today I had a new client Amy and Karl (with a K) Eggerss. When Amy approached me at the dock I immediately noticed her spotted leopard boots. Of course I immediately jumped all over those. I told her when you come with boots like that you better bring your A-game. Well it turns out she […]


Today I had another good repeat client Gary Cleaver. Today he brought Ronnie Holt and Ronnie’s wife Tonya with him. Gary’s wife Kay was supposed to join us but she wasn’t feeling good so she decided to stay in. We were greeted with cold, windy damp weather but everyone was ready to go. I headed […]


Rained out today. As much as I wanted to fish it was great having the rain. As of this report we got about 2 inches last night and this morning and its still drizzling. Hope it rains all day.


Well its back to work and today I had another good repeat client Randy McFadden. Today he brought Ken Flynn, Bill Cody and David Galvan with him. I headed up north today and we were greeted with some light showers. My first stop looked great. The conditions were right, bait moving in here but no […]


Okay folks unfortunately vacation time for me is over. Time to get back to work. Im excited about my new boat. I hope to be up and running by March. The phone is starting to ring and Im blessed to have such great repeat clients that know the importance of booking early to get the […]